Can We Not and Say we Did?

It’s been less than a year since I joined flickr and started the crafty swapping goodness that inspired this blog. But maybe I need to go back further, where this chapter of my crafty life starts and talk about the Alexander Henry Owl print that I bought last February at The Needle Shop in Chicago that convinced me I needed to get my sewing machine out again and make something cute for my niece. Or maybe I need to tell you a story about life as the step mother of two teenagers who occasionally needs to escape, a story that is heart wrenching and makes you glad that you aren’t in my shoes, but also demonstrates that I’m plucky and resourceful. Or maybe I should tell you about joining 4-H in sixth grade because I saw a shirt on display at the local public library–a shirt that a 4-H member had sewn for a project and I thought, even though my mother had tried to teach me to sew and I wanted nothing to do with it, that I wanted to make a shirt like that…you see, there are so many places this story could begin that deciding where to begin is an almost insurmountable task.

So let us begin here. My name is Suzanne. I like to sew.  And knit. And read. I live in the Midwest and I teach high school English. I’m surprised how much I enjoy swapping things on flickr–it’s like penpals but with gifts. I also love getting feedback on things I make and sometimes there is a story behind something I make that the little description window on flickr isn’t big enough to tell. So that’s it. That’s who and why and now we can get started.

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