Awesome Mail Week

IMG_1198Two swaps arrived at my house this week–my goodies from the Spicing Up the Kitchen Swap and my goodies from the Urban Home Goods Swap and it’s like Angelina and Anna were corresponding about what they sent. Both women made me items that 1. used Ruby Star Rising and 2. included beautiful hand stitching.

From Angelina, I got a mini quilt, pot holder and dish towel (although I haven’t been able to bring myself to dry my hands or dishes on the towel yet). Originally the mini quilt was going to hang in the kitchen, but I love it too much and want to look at it when I sew so it’s now hanging over my machine.


From Anna, I received a sewing machine cover and the knitting bag that you see at the top of the post. I’ve been waiting for a sewing machine cover since July when I got my new machine and have never gotten around to making one for myself. I really begged for a sewing machine cover in my letter to my swap partner so I’m glad that Anna humored me.


I love the embroidered scissors on this machine cover as well as the running stitches. It was images of items made in the Urban Home Goods swap that got me to sign up for flickr in the first place last fall and I’m so excited to have been able to participate in this round.  Thank you Angelina and Anna! Check out how well coordinated their items are together.


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5 Responses to Awesome Mail Week

  1. Becky M says:

    oh wow! Those are fabulous! I really love those embroidered scissors too, what a great detail.

  2. anna says:

    oh goodie, they look so good together!

  3. Kerry says:

    I saw Anna’s on her blog, so beautiful, what a great bag and machine cover! And then more Ruby star rising from Angelina, great parcels!

  4. Angelina says:

    Wow, everything goes so well together! How cool! I LOVE your sewing machine cover and knitting tote so much. And it will look great in your sewing room with your wall of awesome!

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