Like Being at a Slumber Party

I had a love/hate relationships with slumber parties as a teenager. While I like a good time with friends, I also need my sleep. Particularly as a teenager, if I didn’t get six or seven hours of sleep I would get a stomach ache and be wrecked for the rest of the day. Because of that, slumber parties were torture for me–I always wanted to stay up until the last person went to sleep because I didn’t want to miss out on the fun, but the responsible part of my brain knew that if I didn’t go to sleep, I would be miserable the following day.

What does that have to do with these redwork blocks? Well, yesterday I saw that several flickr contacts that I really admire are making quilts to raffle to raise money for earthquake victims in Japan and I had that same feeling I had late at night during a slumber party–I really didn’t want to miss out on the fun, but I also knew I have lots of commitments in the next few weeks that I need to take care of. You can probably guess that I pledged to make a quilt and I made these first three blocks to get things going. The redwork centers are made by the wonderful ladies of the Bitty Block Committee and I’ve been saving them and my red fabric to make a redwork lap quilt, but up until now I didn’t know who it was for.

So the quilt has moved up in the cue and I’m hoping to finish a few blocks a day (plus cut out my Dreseden blades for Lily’s Quilts QAL…but that’s more a matter of courage than time) and then make a decision about if I have time to quilt it myself or if it needs to go to a local long arm quilter. 

I do have a couple decisions to make before then. The quilt will have 12 of these 10″ blocks with white sashing. Currently I’m thinking I will add some red running stitches in the white sashing, but I need to see everything together before I decide if that is over kill. The big decision I have to make is if all the square will be this same design–simple frames that all incorporate some solid red, or if I want four different block designs. I’m thinking I could do another set of blocks that have the redwork bitty block offset, and a set of blocks that are a scrappy log cabin block (so they would have a wider variety of prints in each block), and a final set of blocks of some as yet undecided pattern.

What do you think?

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10 Responses to Like Being at a Slumber Party

  1. amber! says:

    I would go with the path of least resistance, whatever that means for you, since you’re under such a time/work crunch. It will be lovely, whatever you decide 🙂 I do want to go on record saying that a red running stitch on the white sashing would be lovely, though!

    • mslinder says:

      Thanks, Amber! I have been thinking path of least resistance as well, but I am becoming increasingly convinced that simpler, consistent blocks will also allow me to add the red running stitch to the sashing without making things look too crazy.

  2. randi says:

    very cute! i love those red fabrics!

  3. Jo Lloyd says:

    How I wish I had the expertise to help you, but sadly you need someone with more experience than I have. I love the beginnings of your quilt

  4. Leila says:

    I love them just the way you’re making them — quilts with squares like this are always so pretty!

  5. Manda says:

    Like others above I like them the way you’ve made them so far. And I think the red stitching would look good! Love love love the teapot lol I’m a tea addict 🙂

  6. Sheetal says:

    such a great idea. Only thing I can add is that I think the solid red frame is great and so is the idea of red stitches in the white sashing. Other than that I’d just keep it simple so that all the embroidery shows through without being cluttered by to much going on.

  7. Krista says:

    I think simple is better in this case. Let the stitching be the star

  8. Susanne says:

    I think the red blocks are the perfect representation for this occasion.

  9. mslinder says:

    Thanks everyone for the positive feedback. I think I’ve decided to keep with the relatively simple blocks that I’ve started. I cut the strips last night but I’m not sure I’ll have time to sew again for I leave town for spring break. I’ll post more when they are done!

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