Quilt Top Relief

My quilt top is finished for my {Modern} Relief Japan quilt (more info about that on Monday). I’ve been feeling the pressure to make progress on this project but haven’t had the time or energy this week. It feels really good to have this completed. I’m hoping to quilt it this weekend–but how? Definitely straight lines–should I just do stitch in the ditch around each big square? Around all the little squares? What about double (1/4″ apart) straight lines in a grid that bisect each square but aren’t in the ditch (does that even make sense?) Any suggestions you have would be very welcome.

I’m also going to try spray basting this one because I hate the pins. Will be sure to report back.

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3 Responses to Quilt Top Relief

  1. Have you considered just quilting it in a big grid? Like lines a certain distance apart vertically and then the same horizontally? Just making sure to skip over the centers. Just a thought on how you could do it quickly.

    • mslinder says:

      Yes! That’s more or less what I’m thinking, but I’m not sure how close or far apart to make the grid. I don’t want it to be too busy, but I do want it to look finished.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Ummm… wow!
    You pretty much rock.

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