Sew Fresh

completed commission

Today is Sew Fresh day at Lily’s Quilts–I love the idea of sharing a recent project that I love. I checked through my flickr photos and my favorite recent project, the little needle book and pin cushion that I gave away, I actually made at the end of February. So no go on that one.
sewing tools for giveaway

The project I shared at the top of the post is a sweet little pillow that I made for a friend to give as a gift. It was my first commission and I thoroughly enjoyed making it. I also made a similar doll quilt for my niece, which was promptly put onto service.

doll quilt in action

I’m looking at a half day of work today and then at least a day and a half to work on my {Modern} Relief Japan quilt. It feels like it has been weeks since I’ve had more than sixty uninterrupted minutes to work on a project. Thank goodness for a weekend in town!
Have you met Lily’s Quilts? She’s awesome!

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7 Responses to Sew Fresh

  1. Leanne says:

    These are all lovely!

  2. Lovely fabrics. Especially like your pin cushion & needle book – so cute! Jxo

  3. randi says:

    LOVE that pillow!

  4. Susan says:

    That pillow is gorgeous. I’m envious of whoever received it.

  5. Annabella says:

    I love the cushion and the pin cushion and needle book – the fabrics are adorable. You must have had a tough time choosing!

  6. Peg says:

    You’ve got some really awesome fabrics showcased there. They’re all great!

  7. brenda says:

    I love the pillow! So pretty!

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