Pretty Little

I needed a small project to distract myself the other day so I made this pretty little pouch to use in my knitting bag. It’s big enough to hold small scissors, a measuring tape, stitch markers and a stitch counter. Plus it’s pretty. Totally inspired by this and I used this surprisingly funny zipper pouch tutorial (there is a real art to writing a clear yet witty tutorial).

I used a cotton / linen blend Echino print for the zipper end covers that are recommended in the tutorial and those, plus the linen, plus the interfacing, plus the double thickness of the zipper made it almost impossible to sew all the way around the pouch before turning it inside out. In fact, even with my walking foot I had to wrench the fabric through my machine leaving some skipped stitches at the upper corners. The next time I make a pouch like this, I’m definitely going to choose a thinner fabric for the zipper end covers and may skip the interfacing if I use linen for the outside.

The stitching is primarily straight lines on my machine with some different colored threads I have from my grandmother’s stash, but I added a little hand stitching on both sides. This is the first time I’ve made a project with improv piecing like this and I’m loving it.

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4 Responses to Pretty Little

  1. Leila says:

    Such a beautiful pouch Suzanne!

  2. Katrina H says:

    Beautiful texture!

  3. Awesome created texture – and nice use of Echino!

  4. tusen says:

    I was sure I already commented how I loved this pouch. The combination of fabrics is great and I love the stitching. And thanks for the link to the zipped pouch tutorial.

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