More Pretty Little

I got my partner for the Pretty {Little} Pouch Swap and got started right away this weekend. It turns out that pouches are exactly the right size project for a Sunday afternoon. They can go from idea to product without taking over my whole day but still give a feeling of satisfaction. I made this pouch without a pattern in order to fit a specific product and I’m worried that despite what I thought were adequate seam allowances, it’s going to be too small. I need to take it on a field trip and try sliding the device in before I decide that this is the pouch I will send.

I’ve also been working on some sashiko stitching for an alternate pouch for my partner (or maybe both if the first one isn’t quite the right size). I can see that, like many simple-seeming handicrafts, there is real practice and skill required to get small, even stitches. I am really enjoying the process though and this was the perfect project to keep me company during the new Upstairs, Downstairs.

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8 Responses to More Pretty Little

  1. anna says:

    great job! i love pouches so so much! 🙂

  2. felicity says:

    Oh, that sashiko looks beautiful! I think the pouch is adorable, too.

  3. Sarah says:

    Oh wow, your stitching is perfect!

  4. mslinder says:

    Thanks, Sarah and Felicity! I’m pretty happy with it, although it’s just a beginning.

  5. Rachaeldaisy says:

    That stitching is so beautiful and perfect!!

  6. Wow its funtastic very nice

  7. Angelina says:

    Your stitching looks great to me!

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