Rain, Floods, and a Dress

 It’s been raining in the midwest for as long as I can remember. We woke up Tuesday morning to find our basement filling with water. This isn’t the first time it has happened, but it’s been awhile and it’s always stressful. The floor is slate so we have learned to roll up the rugs and move the furniture out of the way of the river. Unfortunately for me, this meant that my sewing room was out of commission until this morning when I had time to put things back together. Once I started moving things around, I was motivated to hang things that have been sitting since our last trip to IKEA and I may even get some additional shelves out of the deal.

After lunch I finally had time to get some sewing done. I’m going to visit good friends in Chicago next week and I’ve tried several times to make something for their daughter, Olive. Each time I’ve sewn from patterns and tutorials that purport to be the right size, but everything has been too small. Today it dawned on me that the solution is this jumper from One Yard Wonders that has been consistently too big for every little girl I’ve sewn it for. It’s a very satisfying and simple project. This is the first time I’ve made it with a contrasting top band and I was so concerned about getting the deer right side up that I put the elephants on upside down. Oh well. They’ll be right side up when Olive looks down.

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