Goodie Bag Swap


My bag for the Goodie Bag Swap is filled with goodies and ready to go! I sewed the pouch this morning and stuffed it full of fabric scraps so it can go out in the mail tomorrow morning. I think the package has a transportation theme. Too bad I don’t have any of the Echino helicopter print.

I had a lovely Memorial Day weekend, although very few stitches were sewn. I did get to swim with friends twice (and have the sunburn to prove it), finished a book, cooked out, and generally felt relaxed and on vacation. This morning the kids are bored and cranky about not having anything to do, which is a sure sign that summer vacation has started. Has anyone else noticed that it takes a couple weeks for kids to remember how to entertain themselves? Any advice on how to speed that process along?

transportation bag

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3 Responses to Goodie Bag Swap

  1. Love the goodies you made! As to bored kiddos, my mom used to have a special “I’m So Bored List” posted on the refrigerator. Whenever we started grumbling about not having anything to do, she’d break it out and peruse the list for something for us to do… everything on it was a chore! 🙂 Needless to say, we learned rather quickly not to grumble about being bored.

  2. Love that pouch….someone is so lucky. Maybe it will come to me.

  3. randi says:

    super cute bag!

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