I’ve been back from Italy for two and half days and the jet lag is strong, but the photos are sorted, the laundry done, and I made it to the grocery store before I got knocked off my feet this afternoon. I’ll share a few of my photos here, click on any of them to see the full set on flickr. I didn’t take our DSLR because it felt like too much bulk to carry around every day, so I didn’t get any particularly amazing photos.


It rained the first two days we were in Venice, and both days St. Mark’s Square flooded. The water comes up from the ground when it rains in Venice, so things were very wet. Above is the view of the flooded square from inside St. Mark’s Basillica.

leaning church

I have no idea how this photo happened, but it really is the tower that leans, and not the church. We got to climb to the top of the tower, which afforded a great view of the town and a not so nice view of the roof of the cathedral.

yum x 4

By the time we got to Florence, my feet were weary, and the students had free time in the afternoon, so I could have a snack and rest.

awesome outfit

We spent a sunny Sunday in Sienna and got lucky to see the Turtle Contrada parading. Their outfits are almost exactly like the costumes the Capulets and Montagues wear in the Zefferelli version of Romeo and Juliet. The only thing lacking is the contrasting cod piece. I was super excited to see that those costumes had a historical basis.

dome interior

The interior of one of the domes of the cathedral in Sienna.


I absolutely loved the rose window at St. Clare’s in Assisi–I think after all of the opulence of the cathedrals in Venice, Florence, and Sienna, the understated elegance of Assisi was hard to resist.  A quilter who is far more skilled than I, could make a pretty incredible pattern inspired by that design.

ostia doorway

On our last day, we visited Ostia Antica which may have been my favorite site. I loved wandering around in the ruins and imagining the lives of the people who lived there. I also loved not being rushed by a tour guide or jostled by other tourists.

coffee, florence

It was a wonderful introduction to Italy, and hopefully I’ll have a chance to go back (perhaps with my husband, rather than 23 high schoolers). I’m hoping that my body will return to central standard time soon so that I can get started on the sewing projects that have been brewing for the last few weeks.

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One Response to Italy

  1. amy says:

    i took my mom to italy for thanksgiving a couple of years back, and we visited ostia antica our first full day and i loved it, too! also spent a few days in venice and got to experience that lovely flooding in st mark’s square.

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