Cooking and Eating

When I’m doing a lot of sewing, I stop cooking. I have every intention of making dinner when I go downstairs to start piecing squares together but by the time I feel hunger and stop sewing, I’m way past the point of being able to decide what to make and having the stamina to make it. Apparently when I’m doing a lot of cooking, I stop sewing. Maybe someday I’ll find a balance.

This week has been all about the food–I drove out to a local goat farm and was plied with seven different flavors of fresh goats milk gelato and finally bought some tomato starts (very late, I know). I’ve been to the food co-op or grocery store every day (the kid who bags at the grocery store mentioned that he likes my hair and wondered if I’m doing something different–is that weird or flattering?).  I’ve made several of the dishes I enjoyed eating in Italy, and today I’ve been making big batches of the food we like to have around in the summer.  That includes ginger syrup which I make by steeping fresh ginger (cut into coin sized rounds) with equal part sugar and water (today I used three cups of each). Heat until sugar dissolves and then let steep for at least 15 minutes, preferably longer and strain out the ginger coins. I mix 3 T of the ginger syrup with the juice of half a lime, 12 oz of club soda, and a few bruised mint leaves. YUM! Also good with a jigger or two of gin.

I’ve also started helping plan the 2nd Urbana Champaign Mini Makers Faire. I’ve agreed to help recruit crafters to share their skills at the faire this coming spring. There are a couple of challenges to convincing people who craft that their work and skills are worth of sharing–our humility gets in the way of thinking our projects or skills would be interesting to other people (and there’s probably something mixed in there about the difference between art and craft and crafters feeling less worthy than artists…and probably some cultural gender stuff…but that’s more than I want to puzzle through right now). The format of the maker faire is interesting to me because it challenges people who work on larger projects to think about what small piece of their project they could adapt to teach others how to do. I’m excited to be thinking about this with several interesting folks and I’m sure I’ll be talking more about it in the months to come.

The weather here is beautiful and we are now stocked with granola, ginger syrup, and gelato (only “g” foods this week, apparently). Maybe when it rains again or gets so unbearably hot and humid that I can’t imagine being outside I’ll head back to my sewing room, but until then, I’ll be eating well and enjoying the sunshine.

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2 Responses to Cooking and Eating

  1. felicity says:

    I was at the mini maker faire here in Vancouver on the weekend. Blew my mind. Super cool Nerdus Maximus-type stuff, weird stuff, crafty stuff…everything. Loved it.

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