Another Needle Book

needle book I might have a little bit of a problem saying no to swaps. I currently have five active swaps in various states of completion. Every time I find myself in this situation, I think that I should sign up for fewer, but then when sign ups roll around, I want to play again. This needle book is for the Sewn Spaces Swap which is a small swap that I joined because I knew I could make a needle book in a morning, which is precisely what I did this morning.

mini pincushion I also made this little pin cushion to send with the needle book. They do seem to belong together. I wrote a simple tutorial for making a needle book like this one.

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3 Responses to Another Needle Book

  1. Oh it’s cute! I love the little pocket in the back too, very nice!

  2. really nice- I’d hope it’s for me except for the “Pink” letters on the front!

  3. ohangelina says:

    where do you find these swaps ? i love everysinglething you do… i want to swap too ! xx

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