A Doll Quilt Decision

IMG_2283 As predicted, I’ve decided I’m not going to be able to part with the paper pieced diamonds I started for the Doll Quilt Swap. I also don’t know that they would be finished in time for the deadline. I really enjoy the hand work, but I don’t enjoy feeling rushed about it. Instead, I’ve made this doll quilt with the same fabrics and similar shapes, but machine pieced. I also love this one, but will be able to send it to a good home without feeling like I’m giving away a vital organ.

IMG_2297My partner may or may not be participating in the Farmer’s Wife Quilt Along, so I started playing around with some of the blocks I saw in the flickr pool. I don’t have the book, so started by sketching the blocks on graph paper and tried to do the math to turn them into small blocks. My first two experimental blocks ended up on the back of the quilt. They are tiny versions of the Kitchen Windowbox.  I decided they were too fussy to make nine or sixteen of in that tiny of a size. I also had trouble getting the corner pieces a consistent size without the paper templates that come with the book.

IMG_2304The block I settled on is the windmill block that I posted the other day. I knew that the quilt would look scrappy by virtue of the number of fabrics I had pulled, so I decided to use just one fabric for each windmill (although I love the way the block looks with differing fabrics for each arm of the windmill).

The block looks simple, but it is the first time I’ve pieced a block that is made of triangles rather than squares without a pattern or tutorial. Again I sketched the block on graph paper, traced the pieces onto freezer paper, added a quarter inch to each piece and cut out the fabric for the first block using the freezer paper. Once I had successfully assembled one block, I was able to calculate the size of the square that gets cut into triangles (4.25″ for this version) and had a paper pattern to cut the angle on the windmill arms. I ended up trimming the final blocks to 4 inches, which got rid of the little flaps of fabric that show up when you piece on a diagonal.

binding The backing is Denyse Schmidt Hope Valley and I found myself using the Alexander Henry Heath for binding again. The fabrics in the quilt are largely Cosmo Cricket Tailer Made and Early Bird, with a little Heather Bailey thrown in and a mysterious red and aqua print that was a Christmas gift from my sister in law. I quilted in the ditch on the windmill cross beams and around the nine blocks. The finished quilt measures 12 inches square and will soon be on its way to a new owner. Hopefully it will find good home.

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One Response to A Doll Quilt Decision

  1. Oh, it’s adorable. I wouldn’t be able to part with a completely hand stitched quilt either, at least not at this point in my quilting life. I think your partner will love it, and the blocks are darling. Very nice job!

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