One for Me

one for meI finished hand quilting this yesterday morning while having coffee with my friend Laura and sewed down the binding last night while watching Masterpiece Mystery with my friend Beth. This is the real advantage of hand quilting. I worked on piecing the diamonds while sitting on the porch of our rented cottage in Michigan while the kids swam in the lake, while riding in the car for 7 hours on the way home from Michigan, while watching the last five episodes of The Good Wife, and while visiting with various friends. This small quilt definitely took longer to make than my other projects but the process was so much more social. I don’t always have the freedom from deadlines that a project like this allows (and I can feel how too much hand sewing could lead to a repetitive stress injury), but I had time this summer and it was a really nice companion.

windmills for dqs11I originally conceived of the design for this quilt for my DQS11 partner, but by the time I had assembled all the diamonds, there was no chance I was giving it away. I machine pieced another quilt with the same fabrics for my partner and I think that if I were a designer for Project Runway: Doll Quilt Edition, they would make the beginning of a very nice collection. They are made of similar colors and shapes, but each is a unique design.

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4 Responses to One for Me

  1. randi says:

    so pretty! I love both of these, but the top one is simple perfect!

  2. I think they make a nice collection too! Love them both.

  3. katherine says:

    I love the patterns you made when you added in those partial stars!

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