Renegade Craft Fair

moveable typeThis weekend I went to Chicago for the Renegade Craft Fair (and to spend some time with family). My first stop was the Moveable Type truck, which had been in Champaign two weeks ago but was swarmed by art and design students from the University of Illinois and I was never able to get inside to print. I had assumed the truck would be equally swamped in Chicago, but was thrilled to be the first person to get to run a print.
inking the letters

I have wanted to learn how to letter press for years and am super excited that this Living Letter Press studio is rumored to be opening in my town soon (although not soon enough for my taste). My friend Sarah who travelled to the fair with me took a video of me turning the crank on the letter press which I’ve posted on flickr. I let out an embarrassingly high-pitched squeal when the print comes off the press.

I had been stalking the Moveable Type truck for awhile, so I knew I would be impressed with what they had to offer, but I was totally surprised by how fun the Letter Writers Alliance booth was. They had all kinds of awesome stationary, envelopes, correspondence journals and other sundry postal goodies for purchase. On top of that, they had two manual type writers set up for people to write letters at and you could post them from their booth. I actually hand delivered the letter I wrote to my nephews later in the day, but I’m totally smitten with the Alliance. My only regret is that I didn’t spend any money at their booth. My rule for craft fairs is that I’m not allowed to buy anything that I can make, and technically I could have made everything I liked at their booth. But once I had looked at all the other booths, I found myself wishing I had supported their awesomeness with a little cash.

 letter writers alliance

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3 Responses to Renegade Craft Fair

  1. That’s super fun. I love type, too. I wish I’d never given my high school graduation present away…an electric typewriter with an eraser ribbon and everything!

  2. Kerry says:

    That looks like such a fun interactive stall, it really invites participation!

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