Saturday Marmalade

triple citrusThis Saturday I made triple citrus + ginger marmalade. I used this Food in Jars recipe and added chopped ginger at the step when you boil the zest for 30 minutes.


This marmalade is a lot of work, but the kitchen smells amazing all day long.

marmaladeThe first time I made this recipe, I was nervous that it wouldn’t set (it uses the natural pectin in the citrus rather than adding additional pectin). After a couple weeks of sitting in the pantry, it set up and was delicious all winter long. I’m trusting that it will set again this year. We tested some runny marmalade this morning with zucchini-cranberry muffins. Yum!

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One Response to Saturday Marmalade

  1. randi says:

    the marmalade sure makes for a pretty jar! 🙂

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