Pay it Forward Note Books + Soft Circuits

pay it forward note booksI had a chance yesterday to do some crafting with my long time crafty friend Beth. Beth rules because her response to any potential craft project is “We can totally make that.” We spent a delightful afternoon rewatching Bride and Prejudice and making these notebooks. We were actually killing two birds with one stone because Beth also writes extensively about Bollywood movies (including for the Wall Street Journal) and we are collaborating on a unit for my 10th grade English class that compares Bollywood adaptations to their 19th Century British literature sources (so far Bride and Prejudice and Ashta Chamma, an adaptation of The Importance of Being Earnest).

graph paperOriginally I thought I would sew something for this project, but I saw these notebooks shortly after I agreed to swap graph paper with Maitreya. This was such a fun project to shows off the cool variety of papers she sent. I didn’t have old library cards to use as a cover, so I used card stock and embellished them by hand stitching fabric scraps and sometimes adding additional embroidery to the scraps. I bound with staples but then covered the spine with washi tape to give it a more polished look. These will go out to Monica, Jamie, and Suzee on Tuesday. More views of the notebooks can be found on flickr.

UIUC ResidencyOn Wednesday night I went to a workshop with Becky Stern of CRAFT and MAKE and learned about sewing soft circuits. You can see me holding up my first project, which is really just learning how to make circuits that work. The conductive thread is pretty straightforward to sew with and even I remembered enough of fifth grade to make the parallell circuit. Now I need to figure out who on my Christmas list needs a gift that lights up.

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10 Responses to Pay it Forward Note Books + Soft Circuits

  1. krista says:

    I’ve seen the soft circuit stuff before, but never looked into how they were made. It’s so fascinating that you make it with conductive thread!

    I love those little notebooks. I think I might give some a try. They’d make great little favors.

  2. Leila says:

    Those little notebooks are SO cute!! They need to go on my never ending to do list asap.

  3. suzee says:

    Hey I’m on that list for one of those adorable little notebooks!! =D And I DOOO love notebooks!! Can’t wait!

  4. felicity says:

    2. I love love Bride and Prejudice.
    3. I love your glasses.
    4. The notebooks are adorable. I also love graph paper.

  5. Katherine says:

    Soft circuits are fun! And I love graph paper with tiny squares.

  6. Alli says:

    Whoah, those circuit thingoos are cool! I never even knew about them!

  7. It’s so nice to ‘meet’ you…just in time for our swap packages (because I’ve not seen a photo of you before!). The notebooks are so cute and I’m totally intrigued with the light-up sewing! Cool!

  8. tusen says:

    the notebooks are so lovely

  9. Tricia L says:

    I love the little notebooks. So cute!

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