Super Hero Workshop

super girl capeIt’s going to be a super hero workshop around here between now and Halloween. First up is my four year old niece’s Super Girl costume. We had a lengthy debate on the phone last night about if I could put a C (her initial) on the cape, but she insisted on an “S” for Super Girl. Her costumes is inspired by this pin. Next up will be the mask and belt buckle that go along with the cape and maybe, if I’m really inspired, some wrist guards.

I’m also going to try my hand at screen printing personalized super hero logos that my brother designed for his sons. Once those are done, I suspect that will need to be a couple more capes made to match. The reward is that they will all be in town for Halloween and we will get to stage a toddler Super Hero photo shoot.

 super girl detail

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2 Responses to Super Hero Workshop

  1. Pétra says:

    I love Halloween!! We’re making vampire and troll costumes this year I can’t wait to see your Super Hero’s!

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