Super Hero Screen Printing

Super Lucas! For the next installment of the Super Hero Workshop, we have screen printed custom logo t-shirts. My brother designed the Super Lucas and Fabulous Felix logos for his sons and I used this tutorial to screen print them onto t-shirts for their Halloween (and every other day they feel like dressing up) costumes.  I found the tutorial easy to use, although I had to use three layers of paint to get an appropriately saturated yellow and two coats of white paint. The yellow still isn’t dry (3 days later). If it is still sticky when I have some free time tonight, I think I’ll hit it with a hair dryer before heat treating with an iron.

Fabulous Felix! I was nervous that the adhesive label stencils wouldn’t hold through all those coats of paint, but with the exception of a couple tiny blips, they worked great.


The “it worked!” dance was definitely performed in my kitchen.

My step-daughter said they looked store bought–which is a high compliment from her–and she wants to try making some band t-shirts using the same technique. I spent a lot of time being frustrated in the kids section of Target where there was nary a solid color t-shirt to be found, but was pleasantly surprised to find a HUGE selection of solid color t-shirts at the craft store. And they were right next to the screen printing paint. Hooray.

Dynamic DuoSuper Luke already has a cape to match and I will be making a green and yellow cape for Fabulous Felix before the end of the month. We’ve got colored tights on order and if I have time, I’ll make felt wrist bands. The only item we haven’t been able to find are solid colored (no characters, please!!) toddler briefs for them to wear over their tights. If you have any leads, please leave in the comments.

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4 Responses to Super Hero Screen Printing

  1. Kerry says:

    They looks really crisp and very cool!

  2. Screen print says:

    I just stumbled upon your informative blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts. I will be your frequent visitor.

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