Pressing and Knitting

champaign pride This week has been all about letter press and knitting. On Wednesday, I took my high school Sophomores to the Rare Book and Manuscript Library at the University of Illinois and then we walked to the press that the library runs. My students were super excited to see the press because they have been learning about the history and influence of the printing press in their history class. We were all (me and my students) a little disappointed when they weren’t able to show us the press in action, but I’m hopeful we may be able to collaborate on a chap book of poetry by Uni High students. On Friday night I went to an open house at The Living Letter Press, a brand new letter press co-op and studio opening in my town.

living letter press



They are responsible for the LetterMpress Ipad app, which is super cool, but I’m way more excited about having the chance to take a class in letter press and then being able to use their type and press for my own projects. I’ve wanted to do this for almost ten years and have just been waiting for the opportunity. At the open house on Friday night they had two presses set up–one that read The Living Letter Press and another that read Handmade Right Here in Champaign Illinois. We got to run our paper through one or both presses and then keep the result. I was very temped to stop after the Handmade printing, because I love the slogan and the state in the middle of the print, but I also thought it looked flat with only one color. I’m looking forward to this being the first of many prints I make at the studio.

rainbow sherbert

We have had lovely fall weather here for the last few days which has put me in the mood to knit. I’ve been working on the same knitting project all summer, mostly when sitting in meetings or classes, but it has been primarily to have something to do when I’m not able to sew. Something about the change in weather has me thinking about all kinds of knitting projects and I fell into a Ravelry hole on Thursday afternoon that led to a trip to the yarn store and the sticks have been in action ever since.

Here’s a little more letter press eye candy–from both The Soybean Press and The Living Letter Press.

 inked type
garamond bold
type at soybean press

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4 Responses to Pressing and Knitting

  1. krista says:

    That is so exciting! I wish we had a studio nearby. This art looks so fascinating.

  2. Kerry says:

    Your lucky students! Your two colour print is to die for-it would very happily go on my wall!

  3. John says:

    Thanks for coming to the opening and the wonderful blog! We’re happy to have class visits. just contact me or Molly.

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