Halloween Round Up!

Halloween happened and my nieces and nephews were resplendent in their auntie-made costumes. Here’s the evidence!

Clara as Super Girl (cape, mask, and belt buckle by me)

Lucas as Super Luke (cape and screen printing by me)

Felix as Fantastic Mr. Felix (cape and screen printing by me)

All three wore parts of their costumes in various combinations all weekend long (which is really the highest compliment a kid can pay). Here’s Clara showing that, when reversed, her Super Girl cape is a perfect piece for Sunday Brunch.

Felix discovered and fell in love with an old Spiderman costume my mom made for my brothers (apple doesn’t fall far from the tree around here). Luckily she was willing to let him wear it home to Chicago or there would have been tears.

(Ok, any family member reading this post knows that is Lucas in the Spidey costume, but trust me, once Felix got his grubby paws on it, Lucas never got to wear it again).

Linking up with Lily’s Quilts Fresh Sewing Day.

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2 Responses to Halloween Round Up!

  1. Robin Morgan says:

    These are awesome Suzanne! Nice work!

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