Yummy Cheese Spread

in food processorDoes this happen at your house? You put out a cheese plate and people eat all but the last two bites of a piece of aged gouda? Or do you grate a piece of parmesan down to the nubbins but then can’t bring yourself to throw it away? If so, this post is for you. I read this on an unremembered blog a number of years ago and it has been my go to treat when I start to notice the cheese ends piling up in my fridge.

cheesy bits

Step one: collect all your cheese ends and scrap or cut off any mold (yes, I have moldy cheese in my fridge).

chopped cheese

Step two: cut your bits-o-cheese into smaller, kind-of-uniform pieces.

Step three: dump the cheese into the food processor, add about 1/2 cup white wine, red pepper flakes, and a couple spoonfuls of soft cheese (I added goat cheese today, I’ve added cream cheese in the past, and I skip this addition entirely if I’ve got some old brie in the mix).

Step four: put on an apron and hold on tight while you run the food processor. Mine doesn’t have a tight enough seal around the top and the wine starts leaking out as the food processors goes rocking around the counter. Don’t fret. Just hold on tight. After 2-3 minutes of pulsing, scraping down the sides, pulsing some more, a creamy paste will start to form.


Step five: scrape cheese spread into a bowl and enjoy. This tastes more interesting (and spreads best) at room temperature. I’ve got some garlic roasting in the oven that I think I’ll serve along side this tonight when our friends come over for dinner.


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