Gift of Time

fly in the milk potAt the beginning of the month I was invited by the amazing lolablueocean to join a new paper-piecing bee that she was forming. Called Pastiche, it is similar to other paper-piecing bees like Ringo Pie and Cocorico that are popping up all over flickr these days. I was simultaneously thrilled and terrified to be invited to play along. We don’t officially start until January, but we are announcing our themes three months at a time and early so people can work when they have time.

Our first month’s block is for Spicedcoffee and we are to draw on images from the poetry of John Keats. I choose the poem “A Party of Lovers” which contains the lines:

Pensive they sit, and roll their languid eyes,
Nibble their toasts, and cool their tea with sighs…
A fly is in the milk pot – must he die
Circled by a humane society?

milk pot detail I love the image “cool their tea with languid sighs” but it isn’t a concrete enough image for a quilt block, so instead I went for the fly in the milk pot. Actually, I imagine the block is the moment before the fly lands in the milk pot.

tea cup detailThis is only the second or third block that I have paper pieced so I didn’t feel confident doing it free hand. The teacup is a free pattern from Pieced By Numbers and I made up a simple pattern for the milk jug. I’m pretty chuffed with the final result. It’s on the simple side, but my patterns worked and the block looks as I imagined it.

My month is in the first set of three, so I’ve been working on my theme. I started by thinking about a vintage office supply theme and then decided to combine that with retro school (since I work in a school rather than an office). I’ve put together a pinterest board for my fellow bee members and am excited to see what they come up with!

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3 Responses to Gift of Time

  1. Kerry says:

    There have been some great themes coming up in this bee and the poetry idea is no exception! Lovely block, and congrats on your Doll Quilt prize too x

  2. Leila says:

    Such a wonderful theme and block!! I am looking forward to see what you ladies will create!

  3. That’s a great block. I really love the moment that you’ve captured.

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