More Coin Purses!

coin purses This weekend I made more coin purses. I’m happier with the pattern I’m using (graciously shared with me by Bree), but the gluing part still sucks. I spent a fair amount of time on our back deck alternately freezing and cursing last night as I glued these into their frame and then spent another 20 minutes trying to clean the excess glue off my hands.

I didn’t order the glue that everyone seems to be using because I figured I could find it in town, but sadly could not. Instead I ended up with this glue from JoAnn’s and it is not fun to work with.

E-6000 Most annoyingly, the glue keeps spilling out of the tube for 5-10 seconds after you quit squeezing, making a giant mess. It also smells so toxic that I can really only use it outside (which is challenging at this time of year). Does anyone have experience with UHU Glue? Is it better? Is it worth the price + shipping + waiting to buy it from etsy?


even more

I have recipients chosen for all the coin purses except the Ruby Star Rising tea cups which I’m contemplating giving away with some fabric during the Sew Mama Sew  giveaway day.

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5 Responses to More Coin Purses!

  1. Bree says:

    They look great! I’m so glad the pattern worked for you. I ordered the Uhu glue when I ordered my frames & I love it. One of the best parts is that it doesn’t keep coming out after you put it into the frame (it’s runny enough that you don’t even really have to squeeze), and thankfully doesn’t have strong fumes. I’ve heard others who used E6000 & wondered how that worked, but sounds like it’s a good thing I splurged for the Uhu.

  2. Arlee Bird says:

    You’re getting good at cranking those out. Nice fabric designs.

    Wrote By Rote

  3. Kerry says:

    I’ve been using Gutermann for mine, great stuff, very strong. Nice purses- gonna make lovely gifts!

  4. safieh says:

    Thanks for blogging about this! I don’t have any helpful information, but I have been taking notes on what you have been finding out. Before I read your posts, I wouldn’t have thought much about the purse frame not coming with a pattern or brands of glue. Thanks and keep the info coming! Once you tell me you have the recipe down, I will start ordering my purse frames…

  5. jmbmommy says:

    Cute Bags! I love this style and was wondering how hard they were to put together. Too bad about the glue. I used it last year for a bunch of hair pins and the fumes were PRETTY stinky. I will look up these other glues and see if they work better… let us know if you try any other ones.

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