And the winner is…

I Love BooksAnd the winner of the SMS Giveaway Day is Claudia, who said:

“You’re gonna need a bigger boat.” always works for me.

Congratulations, Claudia. I’ve sent you an email. Thank you to everyone who shared book recommendations. If you haven’t already, you can read my round-up post about the books that were mentioned in the comments. I’m thrilled that I also won a giveaway this time around (my first win on SMS giveaway day ever–and I entered the fewest number of giveaways. Perhaps there is a lesson there as well?). So thank you to Victoria of The Accidental Crafter!

*image by Weeping-Willow

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2 Responses to And the winner is…

  1. selleck says:

    Suzanne, I am excited about the fabric to enrich my stash but doubly excited about the coin purse. I love it. Thank you for the fun giveaway. -Claudia

  2. Vicky says:

    My pleasure Suzanne, fabrics heading out your way tomorrow.

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