Christmas Projects Revealed

live coalI have a few remaining Christmas gifts that haven’t been shared on the blog, either because they were finished at the last minute or because they had to be kept a little bit secret. Today I thought I would share with you the projects that were finished late in the game and, sadly, are poorly photographed as a result.

I spent another afternoon at The Living Letter Press, this time working on a print to give to my parents are as gift. The idea for the poster came from a line in one of my parent’s favorite Advent songs, King of Heaven by Jim Croegaert. He got the line from a 15th century author, William Langland. The full quotation is:

But all the wickedness in the world which man may do or think is no more to the mercy of God than a live coal dropped in the sea.

It’s a beautiful sentiment and my folks were appropriately excited about the print.

printed wordThe other letter press gift I gave was a set of note cards for my sister in law who is a graphic designer by training and profession, although spends most of her time these days caring for my three young nephews. I gave her cards of several different designs and a gift certificate to work together at the letter press studio when she is next in town. She was so excited about that gift that she cried. I would share the photos, but I think she would kill me.

Don’t you love it when a handmade gift is so well received?


robot rattle Finally, I made a set of three rattles that I “screen printed” (really stenciled using screen print paint) for my newest nephew, Ollie. All three are images of robots that his older brother Lucas drew. You can see the full set in my flickr stream. Ollie isn’t old enough yet to appreciate them, but Lucas was delighted to see his art on the rattles. I wasn’t able to find hard plastic rattles to put inside so substituted big jingle bells which don’t give quite as satisfying of a rattle sound as I wanted.

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