Birthday Makings

lemon, ginger, and fetaToday is my spouse’s birthday. He is not exactly hard to shop for, but he is boring to shop for. Here is what he asked for for Christmas and here is what he asked for for his birthday. Can you tell the difference? I’ll wait.

So, yea. Not very interesting to buy this man gifts. Yesterday I was complaining in my head about how boring it is that I’ve now purchased him essentially the same bike light twice, and it’s impossible to be creative giving him a gift, when inspiration struck. There are several things I make to eat at various points in the year that he feels like we never have enough of. So yesterday I got busy and made him his own batches of lemon curd, marinated feta, and ginger syrup.

birthday makings I used the David Lebovitz recipe for the lemon curd, although skipped pushing it through a sieve and added a little lemon zest (about 1 T). This gives it a more toothsome feel, which would probably horrify a pastry chef, but I really like. I also used his instructions for marinating the feta, including leaving out the garlic (which I’m a little sad about). The ginger syrup I’ve been making for awhile, I’ve describe the process here. Yesterday I was running low on white sugar so used half white and half brown sugar which I think will give the final mixed drink a nice golden hue.

Gifts were given this morning and very well received.

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One Response to Birthday Makings

  1. Yummy! Maybe you can bring some to our Memorial Day weekend! Tho I do get the need for good bike lighting…My bike lights have been stolen which is a major bummer!

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