What I’ve been Making

pillow detailThe pace of making has slowed considerably these days, as I’m doing a lot of writing and even some video editing for the University of Illinois Writing Project. It’s good, and I’m taking some risks with my writing that I haven’t taken before, but it is cutting into my already diminished time to craft. I did make a push this weekend to finish this pillow that I started for my mom before Christmas (yikes). The center is English paper pieced diamonds that are machine sewn onto the pillow top and then quilted with a variety of hand and machine stitches. I wish my EPP lined up a little better at the points of the stars, but such is the life of a non-perfectionist.

birthday pillow

We are having lunch today for her birthday and I’m looking forward to giving it to her.

I’ve also completed a bee block for Lucinda in the Pastiche Bee that is way out of my usual style. She asked for landscapes and I really wanted to try an improv block that captured what the fields looked like on a morning bike ride here in the midwest. I had a great time making it (and should have taken a photo before I trimmed it–it was very unruly by the end), but it is quite a bit more improvisational and impressionistic than I had perhaps intended.

landscape for Lucinda Finally I did a little more needle felting and made these monsters. I bought more roving at Vogue Fabric in Evanston (totally overwhelming) and am hoping to find the time to make a few more monsters for my nieces and nephews.


By the way, this is my 100th post here on Girl for all Seasons and I’ve been putting it off because I wanted to find a way to mark the occasion, but that turned into to just putting posting off. So perhaps post 101 or 103? Keep your eyes open for a small celebration giveaway in the near future.

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One Response to What I’ve been Making

  1. Jenny says:

    Happy 100th post!

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