Sister’s Outdoor Quilt Show

sisters I just got back from a long weekend in Bend, OR, where I had the distinct pleasure of visiting the Sister’s Outdoor Quilt Show. Sister’s is a tiny town in the high desert and every year they hold what they claim is the world’s largest outdoor quilt show. There we so. many. quilts. it was pretty overwhelming, but the day was lovely and there was much inspiration to be had. I decided against carrying my DSLR on the trip, so I only have phone photos to show.

all dressed up

My absolutely favorite quilt was this one called Dressing the Part. It’s made up of 99 dresses, all made from dresses in the quilt maker’s family, including her mother’s wedding dress. I found the quilt on flickr, and you can see the full quilt in fabricgirl66’s photo stream.

I loved the little cat faces in this quilt–I don’t know if I would want a full quilt of them, but I think they would make an adorable zippy pouch or pin cushion.


I also loved how wild this quilt it. The flowers are entirely applique and then machine stitched down.

wild flowers

Most of the quilts at the show feel on the “traditional” end of the quilting spectrum, but it’s an open admission show and is first-come-first-served (up to 1,400 quilts!) which means there is a huge range of quilts. There was an incredible amount of skill on display, but it was also really clear to me that some people know how to use colors and others  (I’d put myself in this category) are just learning. I saw a lot of circle quilts during the day, but this one by a Portland quilter was the most impressive. The use of color and prints looks deceptively simple, but is stunning when all put together.

fresh circles

There are a few more shots on flickr. I’m feeling inspired and have about a week of free time so am hoping that I can put some of that inspiration to use!

I haven’t forgotten that I promised a 100ish post giveaway. Perhaps by the end of the month there will be something fun. I got some of these kawaii bells at a toy store in Bend that are just calling for a project.

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3 Responses to Sister’s Outdoor Quilt Show

  1. That dress quilt is such a wonderful idea! Thanks for sharing your day at the show. Did you get caught in the rain shower?

    • Suzanne says:

      We arrived early (well before the show officially opened) and left in time to not get caught in the rain or the traffic. When it was raining in Bend that afternoon I did wonder if all the quilts were getting wet!

  2. ooobop! says:

    Oh wow! some fine examples there. I love the idea of that dress quilt and those applique flowers are amazing!

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