Mermaid Dress

button detail I just got back from several days in Colorado with my brother, sister-in-law, and their daughters. Their oldest daughter Clara, plus some Alexander Henry owl fabric convinced me to start sewing again a couple years ago. Clara is turning five this fall and requested a mermaid dress when I was visiting. I had a fat quarter of this Heather Ross print that I worked into a dress for her this afternoon.

mermaid dress I wanted to sew from my stash, so I was limited in my yardage options for the body of the dress. I like the brown and blue of the fabric I choose, but I’m a little nervous that she won’t love the colors. I used Charm Stitches’ Midsummer Dress Tutorial. It was easy to follow and I’m especially pleased with the button closure on the back.

model pose One of my favorite parts of visiting my nieces is that they are very willing to do a fashion show of clothes I’ve made for them in the past. Here Clara is modeling a dress I made her out of a fat eighth bundle of Happy Zombie.

handmade round 2 And here is Julia breathing new life into a well loved dress I made for Clara. So cute!

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3 Responses to Mermaid Dress

  1. Robin Morgan says:

    These are so cute – you have a great eye for pairing wacky prints Suzanne! I just love that Heather Ross stuff.

  2. randi says:

    So cute! You really do have an eye for fabric combining!

  3. felicity says:

    Completely adorable! Fingers crossed for the mermaid dress!

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