pastiche bee

pastiche quilt blocks In early 2012, I was invited to join the Pastiche Bee, a paper piecing bee inspired by Ringo Pie and Cocorico. It’s been a really good and really challenging experience. I don’t feel like my skills are quite what I would like them to be, but I’m also excited to have the chance to push them and the women in the bee are supportive and generous in their feedback.

March was my month and I choose a vintage school / office theme. I made a pinterest inspiration board for the group and then they went to town. You can see the blocks I received at the top of this post. I’m hoping to make some additional scrappy blocks to flush out a lap quilt to keep on the couch in my office at school.  Right now I’m thinking this might be a fun time to try out some + & x blocks in favorite fabrics, but I also might decide to make improv blocks. It’s all theoretical at this point.

Here are the blocks I’ve made so far for the bee.

fly in the milk pot Keats Block for Marilyn

alice in wonderland block Alice block for Leah

landscape for Lucinda Landscape block for Lucinda

pastiche block for Krista Rex Ray Inspired for Krista

Melinda is up next and has asked for blocks inspired by the bounty at the farmer’s market. I’m thinking about using this apple block pattern from Charise as the basis for my contribution.

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One Response to pastiche bee

  1. oooh! i love Charise’s apple block! i was popping in here to thank you for your comment on my blog–and then i see this little block hint 🙂 i’m so excited!

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