Month of Letters Week 1

Prepping envelopes for the week I’ve successfully completed the first week of the Month of Letters Challenge. I mailed 12 letters, including valentines to my nieces and nephews, a couple postcards to other lettermo participants, a letter to a college roomate, and a couple letters of introduction to other lettermo people.

lettermo valentines The valentines were all well received; my nephew Lucas apparently said that he no longer likes letter than come in plain envelopes and he needs a letter opener so that he can save the envelopes forever. I ❤ five year old.

Ditched the type I set last weekI also participated in a letterpress card making workshop and made my card letter themed. Those cards are only now printed and folded and will be what I send out in week 2. I have found myself getting into a rhythm of decorating envelopes on the weekend and writing letters during the week. I had a couple busy days where I thought I might not have time to write a letter, but found that there are always 5 or 10 minutes windows when I’m waiting for someone that I usually spend clicking around on the computer. If I have a postcard or stationary handy, I can usually dash off a letter in that amount of time.

scoring and folding Next week I’m on jury duty which, from all reports, involves a lot of sitting and waiting. I’m planning on taking my letter writing materials with me to the court house. The post office is right across the street, so I’ll be able to drop them off on my way to the car.

#lettermo week 2 Week 2 envelopes waiting for their letters.

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4 Responses to Month of Letters Week 1

  1. PostMuse says:

    Such lovely envelopes and your letterpress is amazing.

  2. Kim Hollenback says:

    Love your envelopes!!

  3. Amber Stults says:

    Your envelopes are very colorful and cheerful. Best wishes for a successful Lettermo!

  4. Anny says:

    Those cards are awesome, what a great idea!

    May I ask, do you have a stamp for your address, if so, where did you get it? Looks great 🙂

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