More Toddler Gifts

x+y zippy pouch
Toddlers are my creative muse at this point. There is definitely an appeal to making something small and cute. All of these projects (with the exception of the leg warmers) are easily completed in an hour or two and will be enthusiastically received.

back of x+y zippy pouch

I’m headed to Chicago for 24 hours on Thursday to see a friend from college who has a four year old and a new infant. We will be dining out with the kids (said friend is a wee bit obsessive about trying new restaurants) so I made this zippy pouch from an unused x+y block to hold crayons and other little treats for the toddler to play with at the restaurants.

x+y pouch

It’s a simple top zipper pouch (which I learned to make here, but these days just know how to make). I used a light interfacing on the back of the quilt square and the lining and then quilted the exterior fabric with straight lines.

leg warmer roll up

The leg warmers were a birthday request from my niece. I knit them flat (details on ravelry) and seamed them with a mattress stitch (which I finally understood after reading this on knitty). Like most of my knitting projects, I was lazy about doing a test swatch and these are going to be baggier than I had originally hoped, but the ribbing at the ankle should keep them in place.

leg warmers waiting for legs

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2 Responses to More Toddler Gifts

  1. florence says:

    Nice pouch , it’s a great idea to use a lonely block !

  2. Ali M says:

    Love your use of the block – x+y is on my to do list and I think I’ll start small like that 😉

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