Yes, I’m still making

IMG_3407I just started to write something about when I started this blog, I promised myself I wouldn’t apologize for not posting and then went looking for that first post, only to find this one from two years ago that basically says what I was going to write. But it also contains these sentences, that I had entirely forgotten:

The truth, for me, is that life happens sometimes in a way that doesn’t leave much space for creativity. Or the space is so small, timid and rare, I don’t want to point it out to the world, lest it run away. I’m in one of those places now–when work and life and family seem to be taking up all the available oxygen in the room.

I think I might now, finally, two years after writing those sentence, be crawling my way back to a more public creative space. I’ve been steadily making things in the quite of my life and sharing them with friends, but haven’t been sharing those things publicly beyond the occasional half-assed Instagram or Facebook photo.

16113011621_d64a894e24_kI spent the morning updating my Ravelry project page with the knitting I did for Christmas and planning my next project. Who knows, perhaps this afternoon I’ll pull out my sewing machine or maybe I’ll retreat to the couch with a good book, but for now, I’m feeling like saying hello and look what I made!

Christmas Knitting

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