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Composing with Objects:

5 Objects from home
1 taken away
1 stolen from a neighbor
1 random object assigned by facilitator


Create an composition that has purpose and intention.

Time limit:

75 minutes



Purpose and intention:

Evolved over the 75 minutes. Began thinking about educational spaces and how they represent our assumptions about play and learning and expertise and measurement. Then tried to place myself in the composition, being with incorporating the metal broach backing that was the object randomly given to me.




Top: font, writing, script / Bottom: playful or mathematic
I’m wondering if it is about school
Joyful and retro
How we interact with images in our daily life
Bottom: childish / Top: grown up
Playing with subverting a traditional structure
Theme of learning and specifically writing
Past vs. Present
Idea of the body – mind and body intertwined in practice
As students age we stop letting them be whole humans
Arbitrary things we are all measured by




I’m practicing being human. More and more every day.

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