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Cross posted from Practice┬áHuman 1. Composing with Objects: 5 Objects from home 1 taken away 1 stolen from a neighbor 1 random object assigned by facilitator Instructions: Create an composition that has purpose and intention. Time limit: 75 minutes 2. … Continue reading

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Lizzy House Mini Quilt Swap

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LED Wristbands

I’ve been working on a tutorial for making LED wristbands for a spring break camp at the Fab Lab next week. It’s not my normal way to link to a slideshow, but I’ve already done the composition there and don’t … Continue reading

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NSFW Merit Badges and a Crafternoon

I made another batch of merit badges on Friday afternoon. Despite having NSFW language on them, they are actually for the authors who are writing chapters for the book I’m co-editing about teaching books with taboo and controversial content. My … Continue reading

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Grown-Up Merit Badges

This is a project I’ve had in mind for awhile and finally got around to completing it this week. It was born out of the high levels of self-congratulation I feel when I do something responsible, like going to the … Continue reading

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Yes, I’m still making

I just started to write something about when I started this blog, I promised myself I wouldn’t apologize for not posting and then went looking for that first post, only to find this one from two years ago that basically … Continue reading

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Pen Pal Pouch

┬áMy niece asked for stationary to write to her pen pals for her birthday, and being a person who is quite fond of old-fashioned-delivered-by-the-post-office-mail, I assembled a pen pal pouch for her. Inside there is stationary, stamped envelopes (with vintage … Continue reading

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More Toddler Gifts

Toddlers are my creative muse at this point. There is definitely an appeal to making something small and cute. All of these projects (with the exception of the leg warmers) are easily completed in an hour or two and will … Continue reading

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Toddler Birthdays

A couple of my nieces have Birthdays coming up which has provided some much needed inspiration around here.

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Lettermo Week 2

Outgoing Incoming This week is Agora Days at my school, which means I am teaching a class on Yarn Bombing and another called The Jane Austen Auxiliary Society. In the Jane Austen class we will be spending two days on … Continue reading

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